The Best Standup Comedy Classes In Orange County

One of our favorite comedians, Joey Diaz, says you can’t learn to be funny from a book or a class.

This is 100% true.

However, you can learn the fundamentals of standup comedy and build a solid foundation of skills in our standup comedy classes that will help you get your funny out much more quickly and effectively than going it alone.

We offer two-hour Intro To Standup Comedy workshops that provide all the information you need to start writing and performing standup comedy today.

We also offer six-week courses that expand on the basics and work with you to write, develop and perform you first full 5-minutes of standup in front of a live audience.

Either way, although you can’t teach funny, we can teach just about anyone how to become a standup comedian.

Sign up below and get started on your standup comedy journey today.

Intro To Standup Comedy Workshops

Four-Week Intensive Standup Comedy Courses