What makes our standup comedy training program the best in the country?

We own our own full-time comedy venue with classes, shows and workshops taking place all throughout the week. This allows us to provide actual, real-life practice time on stage with multiple open mics and shows that our students can attend and perform on each week.

We host 2 to 3 of these private open mic shows per week. Students are encouraged to perform on as many of these shows a week as they wish to for free. This is incredibly valuable because no other comedy class or school offers students as much stage time as we do during and after our course sessions. Open mics in Los Angeles often charge aspiring comedians $5 to $10 a set to practice their standup comedy in front of an audience. We provide this for free.

We have many previous students who still perform at our open mics and booked comedy shows to this day. And even a few who get paid to work at our live events as well.

In addition to weekly class meetings our instructors and staff make themselves available for at least one in-person, one-on-one meeting with each student throughout the course. As well as making themselves available to answer email, phone or text questions should they arise. And we keep in touch with students after they graduate to help them with questions or issues they might face over the course of their standup comedy careers.

The best part of our program is that it will shave a good year or two off of your sentence as an “open miker.” This is because all of our instructors have already performed on hundreds of comedy shows all over Orange County, Los Angeles and the rest of the country. They’ve made all of the rookie mistakes and done all of the research on how to navigate the world of standup comedy, so you won’t have to.

 Our six-week standup comedy course and one-day bootcamps are like a cheat code that give you all the answers about how to write and perform comedy without any of the headache of flailing and failing alone by yourself at open mics where most other comedians will be reluctant to help you.

We hope you’ll take the leap and come become a part of our program and comedy family!

We have the best shows, classes and staff of any comedy theater in the country.

Just ask our former students:


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