The Best Improv Comedy Classes In Orange County

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The Best Improv Comedy Classes In Orange County

Improv Comedy is a lot like Crossfit or Martial Arts training for your brain.

Except you don’t need to wear a special outfit (no weird diaper shorts or boxing gloves!), nobody will punch you in the face (we promise) and it will actually teach you to get along and cooperate better with other people (instead of solving minor conflicts by choking strangers to death).

And it’s more fun, too!

In our Intro To Improv class you’ll learn to overcome stage fright, listen and build scenes with your classmates on stage, and create hilarious moments out of thin air.

You’ll master the core principles of improvisational comedy through a variety of exercises and games designed to instill improv’s fundamentals, get you out of your shell, and spark creativity.

No matter your comedic goals, our Intro To Improv course is a great place to start your journey, make a ton of new friends, and laugh a lot while doing it.

All of our courses are taught by veteran instructors who are also long-time performers. Class sizes are limited. Enrollment is dependent upon availability.


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