The Best Standup Comedy Classes In Orange County

You’re funny and you know it.

Now get on stage and make the world laugh.

Not sure how?

We’ll help you.

We’re the best comedy school in Orange County and here’s why:

  • We wrote the best-selling standup comedy manual featured on Amazon’s online Audible audiobook store
  • We get you on stage and performing in front of a live audience the first week of class
  • We’re the only comedy venue in Orange County that hosts multiple weekly open mic nights that you can attend and gain valuable stage experience several times a week
  • Our instructors are knowledgeable, friendly and make themselves readily available outside of class hours to answer any questions you might have
  • We produce weekly professional standup comedy shows featuring working comedians that our students can watch and learn from for free

Our courses expand on the basics and work with you to write, develop and perform you first full 5-minutes of standup in front of a live audience.

Our six-week standup comedy course culminates in a graduation show starring you and your classmates in our theater. You’ll perform for friends and family and receive a free video of your standup set as well.

Standup 101: Four-Week Course & Graduation Show

Standup 101 is our four-week class that will guide you every step of the way toward your first five-minute standup comedy set.

Each week in class we expand upon all aspects of standup comedy material generation, writing and performance.

You’ll perform each week in class (with on-stage exercises) and out of class (at our theater’s open mics) and receive full video your performances as well as feedback from our instructors.

At the end of the course you’ll perform alongside your classmates at a graduation show in our theater for your family and friends. And you’ll receive a video and photos fromt his show as well.

If you’re serious about becoming a standup comedian and are looking for a safe, supportive and fun place to start this is the course for you.