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Orange County’s Best Standup Comedy Open Mic

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions about our Orange County comedy open mic. Here are the answers.


Do you have an open mic tonight? Do you have open mics this week?

Most likely. We run open mics 3 to 6 nights a week depending on theater space availability and what other events are taking place each week. That’s why we have you sign up for our open mic email list.

Every Sunday night we send out an email with a link to the signup sheet with all that week’s show dates and times.

You’ll receive this week’s signup sheet and schedule immediately when you signup using the form above.

Where is the Amazing Comedy Theater located?

The Amazing Comedy Theater and its open mic is located at 19480 Beach Blvd, Huntington Beach, California 92648.

We’re located in the strip mall directly behind the Chevron station (because we’re fancy!).

Click here for the Google Map page for our comedy theater.

What is a “slotted” open mic?

A slotted open mic is a comedy open mic show broken down into one-hour blocks. Each block has a signup sheet. Comedians signup for an hour block (e.g. 8pm to 9pm) and then show up at the beginning of that hour block to perform (e.g. 8pm).

Each comedian scheduled must remain in the room for the entire hour of the show from the beginning to the end of the hour block (e.g. 8:00pm to 8:59pm).

This ensures that all performers scheduled on the hour have an audience for their set and aren’t just performing for an empty room and chairs.

How do I sign up for a spot on your slotted open mic?

Fill out the submission form above (first name, last name & email). Then open and click on the link in the confirmation email you receive (usually in seconds) from us. Once you do you’ll receive an email link to this week’s open mic sign up sheet.

How do I signup for a spot on the Slotted open mic sheet page?

Type in your first and last name into the “Name” field. Then type your email address into the “Email” field. Then hit the “OK” button.

Slotted will send you a confirmation. Open the confirmation email and click the confirmation link. Your name will change from “Pending” to the first and last name you entered when you signed up.

Does it cost money to perform on the show?

Yes, it costs $5 to perform on our slotted open mic shows.

How long are the sets on the show?

Between 5 and 7 minutes depending on how many comedians are slotted for your hour.

Does it cost money to watch the show?

Yes, admission for audience members is $8 online or at the door.

Do I need to be on time to the show?

Yes. If you are not present at the theater at the exact start of your slotted hour you will be moved to the end of that hour’s lineup and onto the “Late List.”

Once the Last List portion of the hour starts all comedians and audience members are free to leave the room if they wish.

So, if you show up late there’s a chance you won’t the full audience you would have if you had shown up on time.

Although you are allowed to beg and try to bribe the audience to stay if you show up late.

What if I need to cancel my spot or can’t make it to the show on time?

That’s easy. Just open the Slotted signup sheet page and click the “X” next to your name. This will take you off the list for that show. We ask that you please delete your name off of any show that you can’t make at least 60 minutes before that show’s start time to allow others to sign up in your place.

Can I bring in outside food or drink?

Nope. The only outside food or drink we allow is bottled water or water bottles containing water. No soda, no food and absolutely no booze. We sell reasonably priced light snacks and bottled what at the ticket booth if need something to hold your over until the end of your show.

Where can I park my car?

We have a large parking lot with ample free parking.

We ask that you please don’t park in any spaces marked “Reserved” out of respect for our neighbors.

How come the signup process for your open mic is so complicated and cumbersome compared to other open mics?

Because our open mics are better than most other open mics in and around OC. Our shows run on time, give you more stage time and we host more open mics each week than any other venue in Orange County.

We charge admission and promote the shows to the general population in Orange County which means that our open mics also draw real audience members.

Having people take the time to signup to an email list and then signup using a Slotted sheet helps maintain the quality of our comedians and our comedy shows.

If a comedian takes the time to signup for our email list and fill out the Slotted sheet then they’re probably also the type of comedian who works hard on their jokes and craft. Those are the kinds of comedians we want performing on at our open mics. You don’t have to be the best comedian in the world, you just have try to be the best comedian you can be.